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Junk Shop Dog has teamed up with FIGURE COLLECTIONS in the USA to bring you BONE CRUSHING WRESTLERS!

We are starting off with the legendary "MACHO MAN" RANDY SAVAGE!

The cream of the crop rises to the top with FC Toys' "Macho Man" Randy Savage Bone Crushing Wrestling Figure! This figure will have rubber style arms and legs and feel like you're holding a figure from the late 90s! Figures from the Bone Crushing line will be around the 6" size and should look great with your collection!

"Macho Man" Randy Savage Figure Features:
-6 Points of articulation similar to what you would've found in the late 90s!
-Removable Sunglasses
-Removable Hat
-Throwback style package with similar bubble & card you would've seen at retail in 1996!

***NOTE - This figure will not have the 'Bone Crushing' feature that was included with Meanie & Clark.***

***ALSO NOTE - Whilst all care is taken, JSD does not guarantee mint carding on Figure Collections products.***

WARNING - This product has small parts and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 15. Choking Hazard. This product is meant for display only - ADULT COLLECTIBLE, NOT A TOY.

All products are in USD. Due to distribution agreements, FC Figures are NOT available for European customers. Don't see your country available for postage on this item? Email us at [email protected] to confirm.